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Linear Shift and Beyond

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I have some strange feelings lingering about next week. Linear Shift, Part 4 will release on Tuesday. Part 4 will be the conclusion to my attempt at a serialized novel, which I began on September 19th, 2013. It certainly has been an adventure, and I’m not sure I would do it quite the same way again.

When I first planned the Linear Shift project, I intended to write the first 13,000 word part, then follow up with three additional parts, spaced three to four months apart. Four parts in total. As I got close to the release of Part 1, my mother had taken ill. She was in and out of the hospital throughout August and September. I tried to be there for her, as well as meet my self imposed publishing deadline of September 21st. Unfortunately, my mom did not live to see the publication of my first book. She died in the early morning on the exact day I uploaded the final ebook file to Amazon. I wanted to please he so much by what I was able to accomplish. I longed to see the proud look upon her face when I showed her the published book. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. She died not even knowing that I succeeded.

One unfortunate part of that life event, besides my mother passing away, is that my drive to write seriously took a hit. The writing of Linear Shift was so tainted by the death of my mother that I found it hard to write the next part as quickly as I’d hoped. I spent the next three months writing part 2, and published it somewhat close to my planned date, on December 23rd. Linear Shift, Part 3 was not the same tale though. I tried to roll right into it at the beginning of 2014, but memories of my mom continued to flood my mind every time I opened up the manuscript. I battled on it for three months before I decided I needed to write something else.

LS-allIn February, I wrote Borrowed Souls in just a few short weeks. After a few rounds of editing, and a quick book cover made, I published it on March 4th. I published another novella a few weeks later, called Silo Saga: Recoil. After those were out, I continued to write short stories, but I could not get back into Linear Shift. Finally, around August, I hunkered down and tried to push past the memories and write. I set a goal to wrap up the Linear Shift novel in one final part. I wanted it done. I needed to move on. I continued to work hard on the project, but deep down, I knew I was doing a great injustice to the story. I was trying to finish it faster than it deserved. I was also trying to cram ten pounds of story into a five pound book. As I approached the anniversary of the publication of Linear Shift, Part 1, and the day of my mothers death, I decided to re-evaluate my path once again. I decided to not wrap it up in that third part, and settled in on four. I also extended my own deadline for part 3 to mid October. I then postponed it again to late November. On November 25th, Linear Shift, Part 3 finally published. Almost an entire year had passed since part 2 published. Strangely, part 3 didn’t quite meet my expectations. I’ve been told that it was a different book compared to the first two parts – that it was a lot better. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I deserved the accolades.

Now, here it is – February 26th, and I’m on the verge of completing Linear Shift. I’ve greatly increased the length of the 4th and final part, shooting for 40,000 words, and ending up at a little over 51,000 words. This final part certainly wrote a LOT easier than the second and third parts did, and I think it shows. There is a lot more action and the story wraps up just about all the loose ends left hanging through the first three parts.

Regardless of the memories that I continue to associate with the Linear Shift project, the end is bitter sweet. On the one hand, I am thankful that I found the strength to push through and finish the story. On the other hand, I am so sad because the project is done and over with. Is it the end of Peter’s story? I don’t think so. But it is the end of Linear Shift. Because the planned nine month project ended up nearly twice as long, I feel like it has become such a part of my life. For that, I feel like I am losing something else. The flip side? I get to write something new! And for that, I am beyond excited.

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Creating Your Very Own Shit List

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I think I’ve finally found the magic to writing. Organization! That’s right. I seem to work so much better when I have a schedule – a list – a tangible target.

Daily-Shit-ListA few months back, I created the Shit List. I was online, looking for a daily to-do list that I could print out and keep in plain sight of my desk. I found a few that “sort of” fit the bill, but none were perfect. So, I decided to create my own. I found some humor in the fact that I call it my Shit List, so in turn, I added that to my personalized daily task list.


After several weeks of using it at work, I became much more productive. So much in fact, that I started using it at home, on my writing cave. I now use this sheet for each of my writing projects. Instead of filling in the date, I simply enter the story title, and utilize it to keep my story on track. I might modify it at some point, to be more “writing” specific, but for now – it works!

Feel free to download a PDF of the Shit List for yourself. You can thank me later. Get The File HERE!

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Linear Shift, Part 4 Launch Party Announcement

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I have good news, everyone. Actually, it’s great news! I am nearing the finish line with Linear Shift!

So, to celebrate this occasion, I’ll be hosting a Launch Party on Facebook! My ever adjusting plan right now is to publish Linear Shift, Part 4 on Thursday, February 24th. I have scheduled the the Launch Party for the following Tuesday, March 3rd. You know… In case I run long on final editing and such. What? Life happens sometimes, and sometimes deadlines slide. I’m only human!

The Launch Party will be a blast, and I plan on having lots of ebook and print book giveaways at the event. There’s going to be come caption contests, and trivia too. It’s going to be a blast!

Also, I am going to be revealing the final cover for Linear Shift, The Complete Novel at the event. I am almost more excited for that than I am about finishing Part 4. The cover is done now, and it looks awesome! My goal for the complete novel is to have it formatted as close to the Launch Party as possible, but it will not publish until March 31st. My plan is to get as many ARC’s out of the complete novel before it publishes, so that I can have as many early book reviews as possible.

I started writing this story so many years ago, I seem to get quite emotional just thinking about it’s upcoming end. I think my first snippet of writing on the story came back in late 1997. Wow! That was nearly 20 years ago. Granted, I didn’t really get back into writing until a few years ago. The rebirth of Linear Shift came around mid-2013, with Linear Shift, Part 1 publishing on September 19th, 2013. This story will be my first complete novel published, and I have so many people to thank for making it possible.

Will this be the end of Linear Shift? Who knows. As for now, the end of Part 4 will be the end of the story. But… There is a slight chance a series could come out of this, depending on how the readers react. I have many thoughts on this, but for now, it’ll be the end.

So, in closing, please mark your calendars for March 3rd to come celebrate the completion of Linear Shift! I promise it will be memorable.

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It’s All About the Reviews … And Free Books!

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I’ve been writing and self publishing for about 15 months now, and there’s one thing I’ve noticed. Self published books will remain in obscurity, without consistent reviews. I’ve been watching hundreds of books as they go live. Some, like mine, will garner a handful of reviews and then stall. Others though, will gain hundreds to thousands of reviews, and are consistently at the top of all the charts. Is it because those books are better? According to the reviews themselves, I cannot say for certain.

All of my published books hold a 4.1 or greater average, with most of them above 4.7. That is great, right? Well, not so fast. I have at most, 39 reviews on any single book, but the average is far lower. I have 3 reviews on my Anthology (average of 4.7) and 39 on Linear Shift, Part 1 (average of 4.1) My other books vary somewhere in between. Comparatively, some other authors boast many more reviews – I mean a lot. Certainly in the hundreds and sometimes in the thousands. And their averages? Most of the time, they drop below the 4.0 mark, and many have an average of 3.5 or lower. But, they remain at the top of the lists. Are they better? Worse? Who knows.

To date, I have sold a meager 850 books, and have given away more than 12,000 in promotions, across all of my books. I have a total of 90 reviews on Amazon – again, across all my books. That is .7% review ratio. Not seven percent, but POINT seven percent. That’s 7 tenths of one percent. Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for those reviews. Beyond grateful.

From what I’ve gathered from various writer-type forums around the internet, the sales to review ratio ranges far and wide. I am below the low, but not by too much. The reported lows I’ve been seeing is 1%. If I had 1%, I’d be in the neighborhood of 130 reviews – I would LOVE to have 40 more reviews! The high average was 4%, and that would put me around 500 reviews. That is a dream number for me right now, but I can hope, right?

Let me get this straight – I am NOT complaining. Ok, I’m complaining a little. I would just like a better way to get my books into the eyes of the reader.

unnamedSo … I have a new plan! For the near and foreseeable future, I will give away my ebooks. Any ebook you like, if you promise to give me a review. If you follow through with posting a review, just shoot me an email, and I will send you another ebook of your choice. Review it, email me, and I’ll send you another. This is a great deal for you and for me. You could potentially read all of my books for free, and I can get more reviews in the mean time.

What is prompting this sudden desire for more reviews is this. I have the omnibus of Linear Shift coming out in early 2015, and shortly behind that, I will be publishing 7 new “episodes” of Borrowed Souls. I would like to get as much attention to those two series’ by the time they go live.

So? What do you say? Do you want a free ebook?

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Pre-Order Linear Shift, Part 3 Now – and some other stuff too

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Holy cow, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog! I’ve been fastidiously pounding away at the keyboard on Linear Shift, Part 3. I am SO CLOSE to sending it off for final editing, it’s crazy. Just a few more weeks, and it’s out of my hands … at least for a little while.

So, in preparation ( or celebration, if you’d like to look at it in a different light ), I have created a pre-order page on Amazon for the third installment. I am going to offer Linear Shift, Part 3 for $2.99 once published. For the pre-order period, Part 3 can be had for $1.99. It’s obviously not an enormous savings, but it’s 33%, and that’s pretty good! Also, here’s the cover reveal for Part 3.


On other things writing, I am about to surpass my initial writing goal for the year. I have several actually, and this one will come to pass one day next week! I set the goal to write 300,000 words, in either my journal on on one of my stories, by the end of the year. As of last night, I am at 296,627 words. If this weekend goes as planned ( I’m planning on finishing the final chapter of Linear Shift, Part 3! ), I should hit my goal on Monday! Can I get a Hell Yeah? My next goal will be hitting double my word count from 2013, which was 175,963. At my average daily word count to date ( for which I have not missed a writing day all year! ) of 1,163, I should hit around the end of October. My last word count goal for the year is to hit 1,000 words a day, all year. Obviously, I’ve feel short on hitting that EVERY day, but as the average goes, I’m on track to beat that. I should end up around 425,000 words by December 31st.

OK, now back to some real writing. So close … So close…

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