The Co-op Anthology: Submission Guidelines

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I think I can do weird!

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Pre-Order Linear Shift, Part 3 Now – and some other stuff too

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Holy cow, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog! I’ve been fastidiously pounding away at the keyboard on Linear Shift, Part 3. I am SO CLOSE to sending it off for final editing, it’s crazy. Just a few more weeks, and it’s out of my hands … at least for a little while.

So, in preparation ( or celebration, if you’d like to look at it in a different light ), I have created a pre-order page on Amazon for the third installment. I am going to offer Linear Shift, Part 3 for $2.99 once published. For the pre-order period, Part 3 can be had for $1.99. It’s obviously not an enormous savings, but it’s 33%, and that’s pretty good! Also, here’s the cover reveal for Part 3.


On other things writing, I am about to surpass my initial writing goal for the year. I have several actually, and this one will come to pass one day next week! I set the goal to write 300,000 words, in either my journal on on one of my stories, by the end of the year. As of last night, I am at 296,627 words. If this weekend goes as planned ( I’m planning on finishing the final chapter of Linear Shift, Part 3! ), I should hit my goal on Monday! Can I get a Hell Yeah? My next goal will be hitting double my word count from 2013, which was 175,963. At my average daily word count to date ( for which I have not missed a writing day all year! ) of 1,163, I should hit around the end of October. My last word count goal for the year is to hit 1,000 words a day, all year. Obviously, I’ve feel short on hitting that EVERY day, but as the average goes, I’m on track to beat that. I should end up around 425,000 words by December 31st.

OK, now back to some real writing. So close … So close…

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Cover Reveal and Upcoming FREE Audiobooks

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afterlife-medWell, the title pretty much says it all. I’ve created a new cover for a short story I wrote for an upcoming Anthology. It is “supposed” to be a charity thing that sort of got traction late last year. Now, we’re almost to June, and I think the wheels are falling off the band-wagon.

Regardless of the status of the anthology, I am going to include the story in my May’s newsletter. The story is called Afterlife, and is a short prequel to Borrowed Souls. The story was written as a flash fiction project, so the word count is less than 1,000 words, but just marginally. If you are interested in reading it, be sure to be subscribed to my newsletter before Friday, as that is when I am sending it out.

Also to be included in the May Newsletter will be information about some free Audiobooks that I’ll be giving away soon. I’ve got some credits for Borrowed Souls on Audible, and I’m not quite sure how they’ll be given out, but the details will be forthcoming in the newsletter, and on Facebook & Twitter shortly after.

So, the essence of this post is to be a subscriber! It’s where all the cool kids hang out!

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Linear Shift Stuff

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Kohler_LINEARSHIFT_EbookEdition_Part2I’ve been writing just about every day on Linear Shift, Part 2, and I am through 9 of the 17 planned scenes for the book.  I have had a running word count target of 23,000 words, but updated it to 26,000 words a scene or two into the process.  Well, I am here to update it again!  After writing through the half way point of scene, I am now estimating the target count to come in around 32,000 words.  And honestly, I think I will pass that up as well.  it’s all good though, right? More story for you!

Based on the revised count, I am at 56% complete through last night. I hope to knock out another scene tonight, and one tomorrow night.  Then it’s 2 scenes per day through the weekend.  I’ve got next week ear-marked for the first round of rewrites, and then off to the editor on Thursday.  Then it sits for 4 weeks while she massages it into legible goodness!  Probably a week or two more rewrites after she is done, and then PUBLISH, Baby!

On the matter of editing, I have decided to do another Kickstarter campaign to cover editing.  As my book sales from Part 1 are so small (shed’s a tear), I would like to see if I could get a small chunk of the editing fees covered.  I already have the cover paid for, as well as the ISBN’s, so I’m thinking around $200 to $250 should do it.  I’ve got a few weeks to decide whether or not to do it, but I’ll certainly post something here when I decide.

Also, I have a bunch of Bookmarks left over from Linear Shift, Part 1’s promotion.  If there is anyone that wants one, shoot me a self addressed stamped envelope, and I’ll send you a few.  I’ll even sign them if you would like.  You can send it to:

Paul B. Kohler
P.O.Box 621866
Littleton, CO 80162

 I also have about a dozen print books left that I am thinking about signing them and offering them here.  Any interest?  Just shoot me a message or leave a comment here.

I think that is about it on the Book front.

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Q: How can you tell when a politician is lying?

A: Their lips are moving…

I always think of that old joke anytime a political ad comes on the TV or radio.  I don’t know if they are lying all the time, but I am sure they are more often than not.  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, those ore the people leading our country.  I know I had said many times I would not talk about politics here, but I just needed to vent a bit.

I watched the first ad for Romney the other day, and sure enough it wasn’t an ad saying what he could do for us, but said what Obama did not do for us.  Is that Romney’s platform?  Telling us what Obama didn’t do in his term?  I don’t think we need some rich dude to tell us that.  If he wants my vote, he NEEDS to tell us what he can do for us.  The more negative ads I see for a politician, the more I will vote for the other guy because of it.  It’s probably not the right thing to do, but it is MY vote, and I can use it as I see fit.

I have talked with a number of friends lately, not specifically about politics, but just general conversations, where “voting” comes up.  I was surprised on how many people do not vote because of the ad campaigns.  They are intelligent people mind you, that simply toss their vote away because of the bickering.  I was a little upset when I heard this, but the more I thought about it, I changed my view.  It is THEIR vote to use as they see fit.  Part of me also would like to not vote as well, but I feel voting is my RIGHT, and I want to exercise that right as long as I can.  Who knows when/if it will be taken away.  Stranger things have happened…

So, just a bit ago, I got a knock at the door.  It was some lady running for a local State Representative position.  It was actually her knocking on my door.  I hear about this kind of thing happening on the news, but this might be the first time one knocked on my door.  She asked me what kind of changes i would like to see happen.  I was so caught off guard by not only the knock, but by the question as well.  Why would she care about what I would like to see?  I don’t have deep pockets to fund her campaign.

Strangely, that is seriously the first thought that crossed my mind.  I instantly thought of corruption in the government.  Why?  Because off all the negative ads we all see.  They, as politicians, are hurting themselves whether they know it or not.

I told her that I was really not a very political person, and she should ask someone else.  She told me that she was getting A LOT of that same sentiment from other people she meets.  She said she was trying to change the negative ad approach in her campaign.   I nodded and took her pamphlet.  She left.  I did notice her lips moving, and that is what prompted me to write this.  I wonder if she really was lying…

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