An Anthology of Short Stories

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There was a little snafu earlier today, but it’s been all fixed! An Anthology of Short Stories: Summer 2014 is now available!



Here is the book description:

An anthology of seven short stories by Paul B. Kohler. The stories range from just four pages long for Gold Rush to nearly 80 pages for Linear Shift, Part 1. 

Amy - A toddler’s independent adventure leads to a tragic and unexpected end. 

Ruined Sacrifice - Newlyweds James and Alison are on the trip of a lifetime, trekking through the jungle exploring ancient pyramids. Told that a number of interesting structures are off limits, they decide to wander off on their own … only to discover that they’re not alone — and that the ancient past has a dangerous habit of springing back to life! 

Afterlife - Wilson Oliver copes with his new reality of dealing with the dead and dying. 

Alone - A sleepless night forces Rob McArthur to question what is causing him to lose sleep, life, and whether he’s alone in his feelings. 

Gold Rush - A futuristic glimpse of an age old era that time has forgotten. 

Lookout Mountain - Depression nearly gets the best of Ian, but his mind saves him before he firmly hits the ground. 

Linear Shift, Part 1 - No one said time travel would be easy.

Peter Cooper, a widowed father of two whose life is crumbling around him—until a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general launches him on a risky mission: to go back to 1942 and change a moment in time. The repercussions will almost certainly alter the conclusion of World War II. But will the ripple effects stop there? And what kind of life will Peter return to? 


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Ruined Sacrifice is Complete

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Later today, I’m going to be sending out my June newsletter. What? It’s July you say? Well, yeah, I’m slacking a bit this month. Actually, the hold up for the newsletter is the completion of the free short story that’ll be included.

I had written a good portion of a different story, and totally planned on sending it out after our mid June vacation. Well, I sort of got ‘inspired’ down in Mexico and started a whole new story. Well, yada yada, blah blah, I just finished that short story last week, and it’s now edited and ready for readers!

The short story is called Ruined Sacrifice, and is around 8,700 words. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Newlyweds James and Alison are on the trip of a lifetime, trekking through the jungle exploring ancient pyramids. Told that a number of interesting structures are off limits, they decide to wander off on their own … only to discover that they’re not alone — and that the ancient past has a dangerous habit of springing back to life!

It is free to read if you are on my email list. If not, it will also be included in my upcoming Anthology of Short Stories, which will publish on Tuesday.

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Summer 2014 Anthology

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Even though I have yet to complete June’s free short story, I went ahead and created the cover for the Summer 2014 Anthology. I wasn’t going to do anything with it until later next week, but there was a spot available to promote the book with a few other Indie Authors, so I moved it to the front of the line.


I had originally subtitled it Volume I but changed it today to Summer 2014. I plan on releasing another half year anthology in December, and then combining all 12 from 2014 and include a few extra bonuses and publish a real Volume I in January. I then plan on doing the same next year if I can keep up with writing both short work and novels at the same time.

Now that this cover is out, I’m back to June’s short story. I’ve got everything inline and just need to fill in the blanks. Oh, and come up with a good title and cover! My June newsletter may in fact come a few days late, and slide into July. Then I need to work on something for July’s short story, but I’ve got a few ideas already for that one!

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Mid-Year Update

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I’ve become a bit lazy with my writing. I started the year with a large goal of writing 300,000 words this year. To hit that goal, I need to average about 820 words per day. I far surpassed that in January, and again in February and March. That’s where I peaked before dropping drastically. Last month, I averaged 784 words per day, and this month I am even less, averaging just 605 words per day, through yesterday.

I think a reason (not the only reason) for my writing habits dropping lately is because of reading some of the book reviews I’ve gotten lately. First off, I’m not getting too many reviews in the first place, but when I get them from folks that do not understand what “Serial Fiction” is, I get a little depressed. Makes me question whether to continue with this dream or not.

I’ve made the decision before publishing my first book to NOT reply to any specific review – good or bad. I will continue to hold true to that decision, as there are certainly internet trolls out there just looking for a confrontation with someone. I am not going to be that guy. Granted, everyone has their right to their own opinion. And isn’t that really what a review really is?

Honestly, I am completely OK with all reviews – good or bad. It just stings a little reading the bad ones. I cheer myself up by clicking over to folks like Stephen King or James Patterson and reading some of their one star reviews. It shows me that it happens to the best as well.

So, here I sit – almost halfway through 2014, and I although I am ahead of my year goal of 300,000 words, I am struggling. I am sitting at 195,000 words through yesterday. No, not all of those words are “story” words. They are words that I take the time to write, and that is where my goal is. I am putting the time in. Because I am very new to this whole world of writing and publishing thing, am setting a good work habit now as I sharpen my skill set of being a word jockey. Next year, I’ll again set a high word count goal, but I’ll increase the “story” word count. This year, I’d bet that my published count vs. non-story words will be a bit lopsided in favor of non-story words. If I could flip that stat next year, I would be happy.

Now, with my vacation over, I must focus on a number of projects. First off, I need to finish up a short story for my June newsletter. Today is the 23rd, and I still have a few days to wrap it up. I got inspired on vacation and started a brand new story. I’m about a third through it, and hope to have it wrapped up in a few days. After that, I am back on to Linear Shift. My goal is to wrap up the entire story in a few months, which I think I am on track for. Mid July, I’ll be publishing my first 6 months of short stories in a half year anthology.

So, that’s me in a nut shell. I’ll try to update more often. Promise.

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Free Borrowed Souls Audio Book

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Hey everyone. I’m going to be giving away 20 (TWENTY) copies of my audio book for Borrowed Souls in exchange for honest reviews of the recording. It released a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t received a single review. Interested? I hope so!

Kohler_BORROWED SOULS_AudioEdition

Here’s how it’s going to work: Signup for my newsletter and once you confirm your subscription, you will be given a “Top Secret” code on your confirmation screen. Simply email me that “code” at info@paul-kohler.net, and I will reply with the book credit and how to use it. Plus, you get a FREE ebook of your choice, just for subscribing. If you are already a subscriber, just email me with “Been There-Done That” in the body of the email, and I’ll confirm your subscription and shoot out the audio book.

afterlife-medNow, here’s the restrictions: This is offered to the first 10 (TEN) respondents in the US and the first 10 (TEN) respondents in the UK.  Check back here to see if all spots have been filled. I will update the list below as each FREE BOOK is sent out.

Also, if you subscribe before 5:00 p.m. today, you will receive my MAY Newsletter, with a fresh short story. The short story this month is called Afterlife,which is a short “prequel” to Borrowed Souls. Good luck!

Free Audio Books already sent out:

                 US – UK
  1. marquillon – Val
  2. Lesa – none
  3. Karen – none
  4. Diane – none
  5. Susan – none
  6. Lawana - none
  7. Dunmore - none
  8. Judy - none
  9. Kai – none
  10. none – none
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Goal Setting from an Indie Author

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goal_settingI work better with goals in place. I know this, so I am constantly placing expectations upon myself that are sometimes unachievable. Take my goal from last year for instance. In July of 2013, I set a goal for myself to write, edit and publish the first part to Linear Shift by my birthday in September. OK, that was kind of a bad example, because that one was pretty easy. Seriously though, I do have big dreams and big goals. So, here I am setting some pretty big goals for the rest of this year, and into the next. I have much more aggressive goals in line for next year, but I think I’ll save it for a later post.

Here is what I have planned for the remainder of 2014:

  • July 15th – Publish Linear Shift, Part 3 – 30,000 new words
  • September 30th – Publish Linear Shift, Part 4 – 54,000 new words
  • October 21st – Publish Linear Shift Omnibus – 0 new words
  • November 18th – Publish Borrowed Souls #2 – 14,000 new words
  • December 23rd – Publish Kohler’s short story Anthology – 30,000 new words
  • February 10th – Publish “New Series Novel” – 90,000 new words

Now, that all may not sound too impressive, but I do have a day job, and at times, it feels like it is all time consuming. Add to that, Summer is just around the corner, and there’s vacations and family trips, and yada yada. It’s going to be busy, let me tell you. Plus, there are going to be other things that may in fact pop up along the way. There’s talk of another anthology that I am planning on contributing to. It’s a Superhero kind of thing, with a deadline of around September. And who knows what else might grab my attention … SQUIRREL! See what I mean? OH, and the next part of Recoil!

I’d like to touch on a few things on the list above. First, Linear Shift, Part 3 was targeted for a May 31st release. Unfortunately, that had to slide a bit, and as I am in vacation for the latter half of June, the release date for it has been pushed until mid July. I am hoping that I can pick up editing changes upon my return from vacation and still publish in June, but I wanted to be practical with things, unless I got sidetracked somehow.

Second, I think there might be something else in between LS3 and LS4 in late September. I was planning on rolling right into Linear Shift, Part 4 after finishing Part 3, but I think I have a bit of flex time there as well. I might try working on the next Recoil part or begin outlining/planning the “New Series Novel” that’s planned for next year. Either way, my initial goal was to have all parts of Linear Shift published by my one year publishing anniversary on September 19th. On the above schedule, I gave myself a week and a half extension just incase.

The Borrowed Souls part is pretty self explanatory. I’ve actually partially written the next part already, and am forcing myself not to touch it until LS3 is out.

Next on the list is my own Anthology publication. If you are a subscriber of my newsletter, you’ll have read most of what’s going to be in that anthology. I am going to combine the 12 monthly shorts that I include in my newsletter, along with a handful of new stories yet to be written. I am shooting for around 60,000 total word count between existing shorts and new stuff. It should be a fun thing for everyone. I am planning on that one to come out in ebook, print and audiobook all about the same time – just before Christmas.

Finally, I am starting to think about “what’s next”. That is the “New Series Novel” at the tail end of that list above. I am going to work on a full novel this time, (instead of the serialized approach) that will be the first part of a potential trilogy. The specifics have yet to come into focus, but I am day dreaming all the time. I have a book of “story thoughts” that is pretty thick already. I may even have the story basis ready to go and just not know it.

So, there you go. To date, I’ve written around 170,000 words this year, and with the above projections, I will more than double that. On January 1st, I set a goal of writing 825 words per day, every day, which would come in at around 300,000 words for 2014. I’m more than half way there, and should have no problem surpassing that goal.

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