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Hey everyone. I’m going to be giving away 20 (TWENTY) copies of my audio book for Borrowed Souls in exchange for honest reviews of the recording. It released a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t received a single review. Interested? I hope so!

Kohler_BORROWED SOULS_AudioEdition

Here’s how it’s going to work: Signup for my newsletter and once you confirm your subscription, you will be given a “Top Secret” code on your confirmation screen. Simply email me that “code” at, and I will reply with the book credit and how to use it. Plus, you get a FREE ebook of your choice, just for subscribing. If you are already a subscriber, just email me with “Been There-Done That” in the body of the email, and I’ll confirm your subscription and shoot out the audio book.

afterlife-medNow, here’s the restrictions: This is offered to the first 10 (TEN) respondents in the US and the first 10 (TEN) respondents in the UK.  Check back here to see if all spots have been filled. I will update the list below as each FREE BOOK is sent out.

Also, if you subscribe before 5:00 p.m. today, you will receive my MAY Newsletter, with a fresh short story. The short story this month is called Afterlife,which is a short “prequel” to Borrowed Souls. Good luck!

Free Audio Books already sent out:

                 US – UK
  1. marquillon – Val
  2. Lesa – none
  3. Karen – none
  4. Diane – none
  5. Susan – none
  6. Lawana – none
  7. Dunmore – none
  8. Judy – none
  9. Kai – none
  10. none – none


  1. I am not sure if the audiobook offer covers Canada or not, but if it does how do I go about getting a copy.. I only ask this question because I have a new computer and am not sure how anything works yet. I would love a copy Borrowed Souls and would listen and review for you, it would be an honest review, good or bad in my opinion, thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
    Karen Pepper-Bainbridge

    • Hi Karen- I believe the difference between the 2 (US vs. UK) is just the website address. I think Canada uses the US store, so I think you should be good. I’ll add you to the list!


  2. Did you get my “Been There-Done That” email?

    • I did not see your email, Diane. I’ll go back and double check though.

    • Hi Diane- I just looked, and I see you on the subscriber list. I’ll add you to the list and email out the audio book shortly.


  3. Hi Paul,

    I would be interested in review the audio book of Borrowed Souls. Let me know if a spot is still opened.


    • You’re in, Kai. Just one more available in the US, but nine more in the UK.

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